Understanding the Lingering Emotions of Depression

Depression could be described as an enduring feeling of sadness. People don’t feel sad without a good reason, and because this sad feeling is unpleasant, the reason is often suppressed. The problem with this is that just because the reason for the sad feeling has been suppressed or forgotten doesn’t mean the associated feeling is forgotten or suppressed. The associated feeling lingers and will actually grow until it is dealt with. That lingering feeling could be described as the subconscious mind’s voice.

The Pitfalls of Substance Suppression

One way of dealing with this lingering feeling that seems to be very popular today is to take substances that further suppress the sad feeling. The problem with this approach is that as the feeling grows stronger as it is increasingly avoided, more and more of the substance is required, and the adverse side effects associated with the substance tend to grow proportionately.

Holistic Depression Healing with Hypnotherapy

A far healthier approach to dealing with this problem would be to address the feeling at its source. The subconscious mind is the source of all emotions, and hypnotherapy is the most direct route to communication with the subconscious mind. Using hypnotherapy, its possible to turn the situation around and find the good in whatever was causing the sadness. This approach is swift compared to a lifetime of using substances to suppress emotions.

The Benefits of Hypnotherapy For Depression

Hypnotherapy is non-invasive and has no side effects. Hypnotherapy instills relaxation, which removes stress and lowers blood pressure. Hypnotherapy strives to help clients achieve independence, self-mastery and improved self-esteem.

Start To Feel Good