Transformative Hypnosis and Therapy

Welcome to Bindu Malhotra Hypnosis and Therapy Centre, a sanctuary for transformative healing and personalised well-being. As a seasoned shamanic & hypnosis practitioner, Bindu specialises in an array of services aimed at guiding you on a holistic journey to self-discovery and wellness. From weight loss programs and anxiety/depression therapy to smoking cessation, drug addiction recovery, and top-tier Integrated Energy Therapy (IET), our hypnosis & therapy centre offers a comprehensive range of services.

Uncover Healing Possibilities at Our Dublin Hypnosis Centre

Explore our comprehensive range of holistic hypnosis therapies designed to address various aspects of your well-being. Bindu tailors each experience, integrating services like IET, Kundalini Reiki, Inner Child Healing, rapid emotional release through KAM and much more. Explore also new services like Land and House Healing, and discover the empowering touch of life coaching. Every consultation is a bespoke step towards balance, healing, and self-discovery.

Discover the Impact of Bindu Malhotra’s Holistic Therapies

“In Reiki, there is no Kundalini syndrome. Your Kundalini is awakened instantly on the second level attunement, which will be a safe awakening.”

– Bindu K.

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Connect with Bindu Malhotra for a personalised healing experience. Whether you’re seeking relief from anxiety, weight loss support, or transformative therapies, I can customise each session to address your unique needs.